REVIEWS | Darlene Harris Esq.



I’ve worked with a number of attorneys but it was such a great experience to engage with counsel that truly understood my business needs and how to explain the legality of our project. My overall experience was superior!

-Robbie McNair


Thank you soooo much! You did a fansatic job keeping my record clean and keeping me out of jail! What a great attorney!

-Jennifer A


“I contacted Mrs. Harris after speaking to other attorneys who spoke to me as if my case was just another one in the pile.  Mrs. Harris took her time to explain all of the options to me as well as the pros and cons of each.  She is very prompt and very thorough.  It was evident that she cared about the case and fought to get the desired outcome.  I am pleased to say we got the outcome we wanted!  I strongly recommend Darlene Harris to anyone seeking legal assistance. “

~Candace G.